Hey kids! Want to wear your very own Scorpio Medallion just like the one Stu and Emica wear in the new Rugrats 10 year anniversary special "All Growed Up"? Well, just follow the instructions below and you can do just that! Be sure to get your parents to help you since the project will involve printing from the computer and cutting with scissors!


A computer printer (color or black and white)
A thin piece of 8 1/2 by 11 cardboard
String (yellow is preferable)
Markers or colored pencils

Got everything? Great! Let's make a Scorpio Medallion!

1. Print out the Scorpio Medallion on your computer printer. If you have a color printer and want to print the medallion in color, CLICK HERE AND PRINT. If you have a black and white printer or want to color the medallion yourself, CLICK HERE AND PRINT.

2. If you printed the black and white version of the medallion, color it in using your markers and color pencils. The medallion in the show was yellow (gold), but be creative if you want and color it any way you like!

3. Grab your cardboard and glue the print-out of the medallion on to it. This will make it more sturdy.

4. Use your scissors and cut out the medallion. Kids: Be sure to have your parents supervision!

5. Notice the 2 half-circles at the top of the medallion that kind of look like frog eyes? Well, that's what you'll be tying the string, so make 2 tiny holes in the black areas with your scissors. Be very careful not to cut too much outside of the black circles and take extra-special care not to poke yourself!

6. Loop the string through one side of the holes you just cut and tie it securely. Now tie the other end of the string to the other hole. Your medallion is ready to wear!