August 11- Rugrats debut on Nickelodeon.


September 13- “Chuckie vs. The Potty.” It’s the first time Chuckie uses the potty.

December 6- “The Santa Experience.” Charlotte, Angelica’s mom makes her debut.

Rugrats wins its first Emmy for Outstanding Animated Daytime Program.


January 10– “Meet the Carmichaels.” This is the first appearance of the Carmichaels -- Randy, Lucy, Buster, Alisa, Edwin and, of course, Susie.

October 3- “Chuckie’s First Haircut.” In this episode we discover that Chuckie is afraid of spandex.

October 17- “ The Legend of Satchmo.” Grandpa takes the Rugrats on their first camping trip -- in the middle of the deep, dark back yard.


Daily repeats of Rugrats begin on Nickelodeon.

Rugrats win their second Daytime Emmy for Outstanding Animated Daytime Program, and their first Cable ACE Award for Best Animated Program.


April 13- Rugrats Passover special airs. It's revealed that Didi, Boris, and Minka are Jewish, while Stu, Drew, Charlotte and Angelica are not. Chuckie and Chas do not subscribe to any religion


December 4– Rugrats Chanukah special airs.


May 6- “Mother’s Day” was first aired, featuring the whereabouts of Chuckie’s mom. This show was nominated for an Emmy.

July 8- “Vacation” the first direct-to-video Rugrats episode was released.

September 27- “Dust Bunnies” aired. This episode featured a special 3-D segment and was part of a special week of 3-D programming called "Nogglevision.”


September 21- “Family Tree” Didi discovers that she is pregnant.

November 20 - The Diapered tots made their feature film debut in The Rugrats Movie.


Rugrats movie grosses $140 million worldwide.

January 18- “Chuckie’s Duckling” Dylan Prescott "Dil" Pickles made his television debut.

March 27- In “Ghost Story’ The Rugrats meet the Real Monsters. This was Klasky Csupo’s first crossover episode.


November 19 - The Rugrats In Paris movie debuts, makes over $76 million domestically.


January 15– Rugrats in Paris’ Kimi mades her TV debut in the Season premiere.

July 21- Rugrats 10th anniversary special airs. We get to see the babies “All Growed Up.”


Feb 22 - Chas and Kira open the Java Lava coffee shop

Sept 9 - The Rugrats babysitter Taffy joins the cast


June 13 – The Rugrats Go Wild, the third Rugrats movie, is released

September - The All Grown Up series begins on Nick!